Come, Sit,
Stay and Play!
The 864 square foot barn has seven kennels and plenty of indoor play area.

Classes combine classic obedience with agility, and are designed to be fun for both you and your dog.
Dog Tag provides dog boarding, doggie daycare and dog training services.
The vision of Dog Tag has been several years in the making, and we are proud to announce that we have finished construction of a new barn at our four acre site located in Superior, Colorado. The business is run by Donelle Slater, with the help of daughters, Jayden and Kristin and husband Jay.
Dog Tag was established with the goal of providing a smaller, more personal and comfortable dog boarding and training facility. The dog kennels are king size, and designed for both comfort and security of your dog. The training classes are limited in number which helps ensure the dogs and owners have fun, the participants learn lifelong skills and leave with happy, well-behaved dogs.

Denver and Boulder, CO area: 7482 Marshall Rd Superior, CO 80027.
For more information  call 720-317-8414 or email

*Denver and Boulder, Colorado area: 7482 Marshall Rd Superior, CO 80027 - Call 720-317-8414 or email
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